About the Union

The CSMC Labor Union was established on September 15, 2018 by 31 employees. We are grateful to the company’s support and assistance and the unity and efforts of members over time. These are all the history created by all of us. In the future, the Union will continue to be a good coordinator between the company and employees and further unify employees to make the union better for employees to enjoy a good working environment and share the success of the company, creating a win-win result for labor and management.




Union Mission

  • Promote policies relating to the labor rights and interests of CSMC and the establishment and revision of the work rules.
  • Settle and support major labor–management disputes of CSMC.
  • Promote employee benefits, services, and recreation.
  • Promote affairs relating to the improvement of labor conditions.
  • Conclude, amend, or abolish collective bargaining agreements made with CSMC.
  • Engage in the survey, statistics, and research of employee and other labor issues.
  • Make recommendations for the establishment, amendment, and abolishment of labor regulations.
  • Engage in matters complying with the aim stated in Article 3 of the Union Charter.

Contact Information

CSMC Labor Union

Phone: (07) 802-0111 ext. 7100 or 7101

Address: No. 3, Taiji Road, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 81246.