After almost 900 work days, overcoming all the difficulties and challenges one by one, the CSMC taskforce successfully completed field inspection of #3 and #4 vessel unloaders at CSC #97 unloading wharf in November 2020. Under the instruction of CSC W1, and with the full support of W6, Y6 and the subcontractor, IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. Japan (IUK), performance test of the renewed ship unloader was smoothly completed at end of June 2021. Via the execution and realization of this project, CSMC has substantially improved its capacity for autonomous design of large-scale turnkey projects as well as capabilities for equipment services.

The new Ship Unloader weighs approx. 1,700tn/each; with gauge (Span) 20m, boom lift height 77.7m, and purlin length approx. 85m, this is a large-scale heavy-duty steel structured mechanical facility. To not influence normal operation of the production line while considering road transportation limitations and load bearing capacity of the wharf, CSMC taskforce adopted entire machine export mode for the ship unloader. With a comprehensive hoisting plan, field welding erection together with electrical construction and assembly took place at the backline of Kaohsiung Harbor Wharf #74; on completion of that, equipment was directly transported using heavy-duty crane vessels to CSC unloading wharf to carry out installation. To overcome the limitation where the existing ship unloader is unable to make a turn, the heavy-duty crane vessel was again used to move the existing ship unloader to the backline of Wharf #74; disassembly then took place there after taking proper safety measures.

CSC takes sound paces towards delicacy of steel refinery.
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